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"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine: and at last you create what you will." 

-George Bernard Shaw


Anxiety Disorders


Relationship Rehab


Therapuetic Imagery


Regression Therapy 
What can you expect from your sessions with Sheryl?

You will experience lasting change, progressing quickly to a state of balance and self-sufficiency. You can have life transforming success with food, sugar, and cigarette addictions, anxiety panic attacks, fears and phobias, relationship and sexual problems, sports performance, relief of obsessive-compulsive behaviors, IBS and many other anxiety and nervous disorders.  

What is Hypnosis?

During most of our waking hours, we operate 

with full conscious awareness.  In the state of hypnosis the mind is attentive and uses logic to reason, evaluate, judge, and make decisions.  

In the hypnotic state, the evaluating, judging part of the mind is bypassed and deeper levels of consciousness are addressed. Here, you are not really thinking in the usual sense; you are experiencing without questioning and without critical judgment or analysis. 

Specific thoughts and suggestions can be made to the subconscious to help you move toward a desired goal or change behavior in a positive, lasting way. It is important for you to understand that you cannot be hypnotized against your  will and that any suggestions that conflict with your values will be rejected by the subconscious mind. 

Who is Sheryl?

Sheryl Bard, expert Los Angeles Hypnotherapist, is a Certified Behavioral Hypnotherapist  and uses a variety of techniques such as Guided Imagery, Dream Therapy, Mental Bank, Handwriting Analysis, Neuro- Linguistic Programming and sometimes even Past Life Regression Therapy to achieve optimum results. In each unique session, she cultivates a feeling of safety and trust, giving you encouragement, validation, gentleness, and motivation.  She has earned the respect of her peers with her  high success rate with hypnosis resistant clients. 

Getting Help

Sheryl is passionately dedicated to results for your personal empowerment and masterful life transitions. She combines her pragmatic and intuitive skills to pinpoint your behaviors that lead to resistance and dissolves the obstacles that create resistance and hold you back from having the life you love.


Relief from Anxiety and panick attacks


Improve your Relationships


Gain Clarity, Insight and A Greater Sense of Purpose


Heal Emotional and Physical Pain

Change Limiting Beliefs and Release Fear and Doubt

Before my friend refered me to your office I could barely even get myself to leave my house. As you know, my horrible anxiety kept me from doing my work, communicating with my co-workers and students, and I could not even go out to a restaurant without having a panic attack. I can't thank you enough. It's been two weeks since my last hypnosis session and I just had to tell you that I totally have control over my anxiety now and you would be so proud of me. I went to 3 restaurants this week, a concert, and best of all I went on a date and was totally comfortable. I feel like a whole new person.

--BT, Teacher


Sheryl Bard C.Ht.